Social Media Marketing Movement in Instagram

Social Media Marketing Movement in Instagram – As we know, many of the changes that occurred in Instagram in 2016, including the expansion of ads on the platform, introduced feed algorithms and the emergence of Instagram Stories.

With these changes and cumulative effects, they already have a user experience.
Blogger and social media consultant, Andrew Hutchinson said that there will be a period for Instagram to stabilize or stabilize.

This should be done by Instagram because they have come up with new features and let it grow among the audience.

Social Media Marketing Movement in Instagram

2017 is not the time for Instagram to relax. The existing features will continue to grow this should continue to be improved so that their platform can compete with social media and other media marketing.

Instagram as an ECommerce

In their choice of ads, Instagram has signaled to continue the activity of product ads on the platform to a higher level. The form of shopping tags. See moreĀ social media small business

This is a significant shift because as we know, Instagram is a platform that focuses on images and art, then shifted into a social media network and media marketing where people meet to buy and sell products.

But this is a positive thing because the number of users back increased.

Research shows that 60% of Instagrammer (the term for Instagram users) learn about products and services on the app, 75% take action such as visiting the website, searching, or telling friends after being affected post on the Instagram platform.

Indeed, with the advent of these shopping tags changing the perception of the platform, it is expected that Instagram will pull this feature slowly to restore its true focus.

Visual Search

To gain significant momentum, Instagram needs to consider another area of visual search.

Facebook has moved on visual search, if Instagram can add such functionality to their platforms, this will provide a boost in data collection and advertising targeting capacity. It is expected that this feature can greet the users in early 2017.

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