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Title:Nick Jonas Sings 'Jealous' to Olivia Culpo - Video!
Published:26 January 2015
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Nick Jonas tells his love Olivia Culpo “he still gets jealous” and serenades some beauty queens.
Nick was the entertainment and male eye candy in the midst of a slew of beautiful women during the evening gown competition at last night’s 63rd annual Miss Universe Pageant. He sang some of his old and new hits including “Chains,” “Teacher,” and of course “Jealous” during which he moseyed on down to where Olivia was sitting to give her some special attention which she documented in this vine vid:
Olivia is a former Miss Universe and Miss USA, WHO has been dating Nick for OVER two years so her presence at the show was a given. but that dress tho…
Interesting. Hey art comes in many forms… and cut outs.
Now with any “inside source” one must look with a side eye, but an anonymous source told Star magazine that “Nick has been ring shopping for months and wants to pop the question TO the Miss Universe 2012 titleholder during a romantic dinner. The entire Jonas family is in on the big secret. Everyone adores Olivia and thinks they are perfect for each other. Nick’s never been the player type. He values his religious beliefs and knows that he’s ready to settle down.” Alright… So true or untrue, we approve.
So what do you guys think of Nick’s sweet gesture to his girl? And do you think a proposal is in the near future? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here to check out Nick’s past dating history. I must say, there’s some pretty good ones in there!
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