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Published:02 March 2014
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EISENSTEIN (35 mm Les Films d'Amérique Canada-Germany) Written and directed by Renny Bartlett, starring Simon McBurney. Feature film inspired by the life of the Russian revolutionary filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein. Winner of the 'Prize of the City' for "Creative contribution to International cinema" at the St. Petersburg International Film Festival. Nominated for 5 "Genies" (Canadian Academy awards) including Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay.
"'Fueled by Mr. McBurney's incandescent performance, it is a portrait of the artist as political and spiritual renegade, a one-man wildfire that ultimately proved uncontainable."- Stephen Holden, THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Every image is full of beauty. Cheeky... ironic... post-modern. Eisenstein is a very inspiring film." DIE WELT
"Written and directed by Renny Bartlett with a brazen efficiency that borders on the alarming, 'Eisenstein' fudges fact and fiction with such confidence that we feel as if we are seeing something purer than the real thing." NEW YORK NEWSDAY

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